Below is a list of graduate and undergraduate courses I have developed and taught at various colleges and universities.

Undergraduate Courses

  • The Language of Black Freedom
  • Black Feminist Rhetorics of Mass Incarceration
  • Queer of Color Film 
  • Black Freedom Movement Rhetorics 
  • Hip Hop Rhetorics
  • Black Literacy and Language
  • African American Rhetoric, 1950-Present
  • The Politics of Black Sexuality 
  • The Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights Movement, 1950-1990 (Co-Instructor; Experiential Learning Course)
  • Reading and Writing Hip Hop, Identity and Experience (Intermediate Composition)
  • “Crossing the Danger Water”: Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality (First-Year Composition)
  • Freedom, Authority and Identity (First-Year Composition)

Graduate Courses

  • Fashion Rhetorics
  • Queer Pedagogies in Writing Studies
  • Perspectives on Literacy
  • Literacy Education in American Film
  • Introduction to Writing Studies
  • Advanced Graduate Writing 
  • Critical Hip Hop Studies
  • Queer Activism
  • Queer of Color Theory

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